Saturday, November 27, 2010

little exaggerations

who said that men do not exaggerate.. that they don't freak out in front of their mirror trying to find the fine clothes to wear and then go out..
hm that's not true of course! men do really care about their outfits and style!
but what about exaggerations? well they can glorify an outfit or just spoil it!
and that stands for men..and women too!
so here are three interesting guys i found on Lookbook and i wanted to share..'s fashion is my new passion!

Paul J.
20 years old superpop/indierokker from Makati
my fav one for these great rings

Toto V.
23 years old Photografer from Philipines
the floral bow-tie and the braces

Elvin F.
22 years old student from the United Kindom
silver shoulder trucks on his the capartine


share your own story..