Sunday, June 27, 2010


On Saturday 9 artists went Inspired..! (among them and my jewels)
9 fresh and young people took part in the 'Inspired Exhibition' at Bat City.
Different kind of arts blended together and inspired us more!
Handmade jewellery, clothes, accessories, home decoration items, tobacco cases and photography.. they were all amazing!
I am a handmade lover and i can declare for sure that all the creations and the creators were unique!!!

*in case you liked the photos.. contact me for artists' info!

photos by Muki

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The blue colour was in fashion since Cinderella's era.. when the blond princess was wearing her long blue -eyes fitted- dress!
But during the summer the blue colour seems to be modernized.. contemporary and really stylish!
Dresses.. skirts or even nail polish can directly bring to my mind the dream-living Cinderella's prince..!

*thx dear Kapaki for being on my blog photos!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Velvet Prize 2010

..was held at Six D.o.g.s.
not many people but interesting ones. post rock,punk,retro guyz.
-i won't use the definition 'alternative', i'm rid of it-

The first show was by Baby Guru ,one of the contestant bands.
Electronica -magical- and a bit of punk sound!
Headbanging and hard dancing!
From now on they are classified as one of the best live shows of music production i've ever seen!
Highlight..? Undoubtedly, when the played their new song 'Marilu' -so summery, i love it-
and their last psychedelic minutes on stage with John's saxophone improvisation!

And after Baby Guru.. the Berlin Brides
just a 'feminine business'!
Beloved, uplifting pop punk and electro sound!
The crowd was enthousiastic, vivid and warm. They were dancing and singing and clapping rhythmically their hands.
On stage Zisis and Manolis escorted gently the two ladies.
Highlight..? Nothing i can seperate but their girlie mood and lyrics. Two amazing women on stage deranged their fans!

photos by Muki

Thursday, June 17, 2010

my mum

It's swelterning!
And the only solution against the heat is my favourite beverage and the coolest mother!!!
Caramel Frappucino and Espresso Freddo!
Chatting and proving for once more that i'm her mollycoddled, almost spoiled little daughter!

photo by Muki

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


When i was a little girl, i was used to saying that blond hair is yellow hair!
Yellow was one of my favourite colours! I was painting suns and lots of daizies and other yellow flowers!
Now it's not my favourite one but i enjoy to show it off on my daily outfits.
Yellow details can make my day and my mood too! And especially this new *old-fashioned vintage pair of earrings!!!

photos by Muki

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kosmos Festival

Ojos De Brujo + Shantel
“Mestizo..hip hop flamenkillo” from Barcelona, which means hip hop with a little flamenco.... and balkan music with electronic beats from Germany excited the athenians and made them dance strongly yesterday at Vrahon Theater!
Unfortunately, we didn’t catch up with the whole Shantel’s performance.We enjoyed only his song ‘Disco Partizani’ as the finale of the show and of course his huuuge smile as a goodbye to Athens.
Marina from Ojos de Brujo managed to fill the stage and have all the eyes on her! An amazing voice,an extraordinary polka dots red long skirt and the movements of her body made the difference.She was absolutely impressive.The sexiest woman i’ve ever seen on stage..!!! All the members are talented and passionate..Spanish spirit!During their performance we had the chance to watch live flamenco dancing and some (funny) beatboxing.
*it was so wonderful! just looking for the next Kosmos Fest with a cheaper ticket though!
**sorry for the bad quality of the photos!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gio Pren

Gio Pren is my best online friend and i always wanted him to be my first blog guest. Actually, we’ve met once but living in different cities keeps us away. Our friendship is still alive..(luckily)...via internet!
Gio is one of the most talented people i’ve ever met. He is artistic in many ways. He is a student in computer engineering and mass media...but also a graphic designer (equal to proffesionals) a dj and a radio producer. He designs and creates unique posters. Most of his projects are based on psychedelic shapes and neutron colours. He implies the human presence, especially the masculine one. He steps on music themes and gets inspiration of post punk and rock stuff. His latest poster couldn’t have been nothing less than i expected...! It’s part of his radio show promotion and sample of his talent of course.
*click on his name and visit his flickr profile!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

don't feel like summer

the summer comes always earlier and my mood gets behind..
as Fenia said!
and it seems so true..! especially today!
it's June but it is still raining!

start from scratch

hey hey..
after spending days thinking of having my own blog, i finally made it!
and here i am!

my first post is a beloved song from Gogol Bordello!
this gispy punk spirit makes me smile..and dance and sing and then...