Tuesday, November 9, 2010

*new dress*no money

As i'm an only child i never had the chance to borrow clothes or shoes from an older sister!
I was used to grab or steal things from my mom's wardrobe and try them on in front of the mirror!
But suddenly i found the 'big sister' i always wanted!
She's my mom's best friend..a woman who has lived in the USA and has an amazingly strange and almost extraordinary sense of style!
She made me think i got a sis when she gave me as a present a vintage dress from her own wardrobe!
It was like a domestic giveaway that i really appreciated!

I'm not that kind of retro girl so i'm not sure i'm gonna wear it as it is.
Maybe i'll crop it a little and use it as a long floral skirt or a shirt!
Anyway i really enjoy having a piece like this among my clothes!

photos by Muki


  1. Teleio! Forese to na doume pos sou peftei k an thes na sou pw kamia idea...

  2. με ενα κοντυμα,και τα μανικια να φυγουν για να γινει αμανικο θα ειναι κομπλε!Και με το κομματι π θα κοψεις απ κατω ντυνεις ενα μικρο φακελο π δν σου αρεσει ή κανεις ενα τοπ πολυ κιουτ :)
    Θησαυρος η ντουλαπα της μαμας αν κρινω απ αυτο το φορεμα!!

  3. Mhn to kopseis, einai krima! Val'to me mia poly fardia zwnh corset kai tha einai yperoxo!


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