Thursday, November 18, 2010

try a little romance

or stay caught in a bad romance?

well, as it comes to the dilemma about romance i could never make up my mind!
but concerning to fashion and clothing.. i would say yes -for sure- to a romantic white dress!
like this one i came across on etsy!
so i'm proudly presenting this tiered lace dress..

and this super cute flower pentdant necklace!

and another discovery! a song from a young greek composer called Marietta Fafouti 
and her debut album.. Try a little romance!
*my source of inspiration for the last two weeks!


  1. aw, we loooooooooooooooove lace and cute dresses!!! go for it please, cannot wait to see you in it!!

    kiss kiss*

  2. ena tetio foremaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 8elooooo!!!!!

  3. i would go for romance both in fashion (with a beautiful dress like this) and in relationships. Life is nothing without, at least, a liiitle bit of romance!

  4. Yperoxo to forema... Pes mou oti to pires! Xarma einai!!! <3

  5. oh, i love the dress and the necklace and the song, amazing combo!cheers!

  6. Ειναι εξωπραγματικο αυτο το φορεμα!Τελειο!
    Σαν να βγηκε απο παραμυθι!
    Εχω ακουσει διαφορα της ιδιας και μαρεσουν!


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