Saturday, November 27, 2010

little exaggerations

who said that men do not exaggerate.. that they don't freak out in front of their mirror trying to find the fine clothes to wear and then go out..
hm that's not true of course! men do really care about their outfits and style!
but what about exaggerations? well they can glorify an outfit or just spoil it!
and that stands for men..and women too!
so here are three interesting guys i found on Lookbook and i wanted to share..'s fashion is my new passion!

Paul J.
20 years old superpop/indierokker from Makati
my fav one for these great rings

Toto V.
23 years old Photografer from Philipines
the floral bow-tie and the braces

Elvin F.
22 years old student from the United Kindom
silver shoulder trucks on his the capartine

Thursday, November 18, 2010

try a little romance

or stay caught in a bad romance?

well, as it comes to the dilemma about romance i could never make up my mind!
but concerning to fashion and clothing.. i would say yes -for sure- to a romantic white dress!
like this one i came across on etsy!
so i'm proudly presenting this tiered lace dress..

and this super cute flower pentdant necklace!

and another discovery! a song from a young greek composer called Marietta Fafouti 
and her debut album.. Try a little romance!
*my source of inspiration for the last two weeks!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bloody muki

super stylish and charismatic Joanaddicted -her camera- and me!
thank you sooo much for the 'clicks' hun!
a big kiss!

Friday, November 12, 2010

En Rose Lomo

well i'm not a photography expert but a photography lover.
i couldn't but post this finding tonight.
Lomographic Society and Diana Mini Trinity.
precious equipment to capture precious moments.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

etsy treasures

i always came across them late at night when i enjoy the silence and spend my insomnia moments on fashion blogs,websites and online stores!
tonight's discovery is iheartnorwegianwood
a collection by Angie Johnson..vintage and new fabrics..various trims and other bits digged up around Montreal..
i loved the styling and all the collection pieces!

but the girl at the last photo was like love at first sight for her great hair-cut as i'm a short hair supporter!
and of course her see-through outfit with these nerdy glasses..more than impressive!

i want these leggings!

wool and chain necklace silver combo

cropped T red tie dye

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

*new dress*no money

As i'm an only child i never had the chance to borrow clothes or shoes from an older sister!
I was used to grab or steal things from my mom's wardrobe and try them on in front of the mirror!
But suddenly i found the 'big sister' i always wanted!
She's my mom's best friend..a woman who has lived in the USA and has an amazingly strange and almost extraordinary sense of style!
She made me think i got a sis when she gave me as a present a vintage dress from her own wardrobe!
It was like a domestic giveaway that i really appreciated!

I'm not that kind of retro girl so i'm not sure i'm gonna wear it as it is.
Maybe i'll crop it a little and use it as a long floral skirt or a shirt!
Anyway i really enjoy having a piece like this among my clothes!

photos by Muki

Friday, November 5, 2010

the tights and the necklace

Thrursday night. a drink..or maybe two.. at Circus bar.
photos by Muki

the tights:

the necklace:

Monday, November 1, 2010

schoolwave bands live

my Saturday night out at Technopolis Gkazi
As i'm always late, i had the chance to see only three bands of the lineup.
But yes! i was that lucky that they were my favourite three!
Musica Ficta, Ska Bangies, Looming Titties

Musica Ficta
rock alternative band, influences Manos Xatzidakis,Nick Cave,Tori Amos and Radiohead
their great music and vocals sound like a rock fairytale to me

Ska Bangies
reggae punk band with dub and ska spirit, jamaican culture lovers also
songs with contemporary lyrics and dancin' music

Looming Titties
pop punk band, Blink182 supporters
adorable guys, i just dance to their music and do headbanging

the portairt
Romanos, the frontman from Strifler's Mom
such an amazing hipster guy