Thursday, December 2, 2010

X-mas? indeed?

it's December yes!
But the weather is so hot in Athens that i can't even realize that we're only 23 days away from Christmas!
While i'm still dressed-up in September clothes..and able to walk out in a T-shirt..
i can't think of a Christmas tree or the Santa's coming!
However, today i was riffling through this and i came across the first x-mas stuff that attracted me..
It was Topshop Christmas Collection!
So here are the looks i loved and i would proudly wear on this special Night or the New Year's Eve!

There's going to be another Christmas post for sure!


  1. to prwto einai gamato..k esy pou eisai koritsaki 8a rockareis trela me tetoio forema k papoutsia

  2. kotitsaaa na su po tin ali8ia to epsina ;pp

  3. ta thelw ola!!! baby see you 2morrow at plissken? say yes!! i missed you


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