Wednesday, November 10, 2010

etsy treasures

i always came across them late at night when i enjoy the silence and spend my insomnia moments on fashion blogs,websites and online stores!
tonight's discovery is iheartnorwegianwood
a collection by Angie Johnson..vintage and new fabrics..various trims and other bits digged up around Montreal..
i loved the styling and all the collection pieces!

but the girl at the last photo was like love at first sight for her great hair-cut as i'm a short hair supporter!
and of course her see-through outfit with these nerdy glasses..more than impressive!

i want these leggings!

wool and chain necklace silver combo

cropped T red tie dye


  1. εσυ κανεις ανακαλυψεις το βραδυ,εγω κυριως το πρωι!χα!
    Εξαιρετικο μπλογκ!!

  2. loipon ayto to kolie einai diy challenge! trelainomai!

  3. αυτά κάνεις μικρή μου τα βράδια ε??τώρα εξηγούνται όλα!!πως να μην ξαγρυπνάς με τέτοια όμορφα πραγματάκια...u r my isomnia partner.OFFICIALLY.kats a huuuuge kiss

  4. @nanciela: hihi! thaaanks!

    @katerina: k egw! 8a to prospa8hsw for sure!

  5. @DinDinaki: em ti allo! hehe! smouts!


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