Sunday, August 29, 2010

after sun (2)

Visiting my grandmother's house in the countryside means undoubtedly the end of my summer.. I'm used to spending there a couple of days before i come back to Athens..
As a child staying with my grandma was..more than boring...


It's always boring actually but exploring the house and especially..her wardrobe (!) seems to be a surprising process during a hot afternoon..
These are my findings..
(photos by Muki)

a piece of floral fabric bought in Barcelona
nobody remembers when or why..!
a necklace with semi-precious stones
i suppose a present from my grandfather to my grandmother!
a pair of earrings with semi-precious green stones
and black silver

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

after sun

Leuki beach Elafonisos

The first days after holidays seem really hard..too hot to study or work..too 'depressing' to start making plans for the winter..
Going over city's view from the blue-sea-and-sky scene is difficult..but it needs to be done as soon as possible!
Luckily i took lots of pictures during my holidays..!
(photos by Muki)

green-blue sea
and sand of Simos beach Elafonisos

7 girlz summer-partying!
*No Cars..!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i'm a tourist

Two weeks summer university in Netherlands was an 'alternative' way to spend the biggest part of my summer holidays.. but also a way to learn how people from different countries at my age think.. live and even love..!

The first days were a bit difficult as i am a pretty shy person..but the rest days seemed like a movie..a hollywood movie about college students and their stories..!

Exploring almost the whole Holland.. wandering.. walking and bicycling a lot.. drinking.. smoking 'funny' stuff.. and hitch-hiking made me have a really great time..!

Almost a week after returning home and i miss all the people i met.. 
and especially a guy who is now somewhere in the UK..!

photos by Muki