Monday, September 27, 2010

Green Design Festival

when 'ecology' meets fashion  i can't think nothing less than
the Swap Not Shop and Chic & Ethic Lab team...
ladies who share the same passion for fashion and have found a couple of ways to recycle our wardrobes creatively!
and that's what took place at Syntagma square yesterday!
they shew us how to remake the clothes we are not wearing anymore and how to reuse pieces that seem useless!

i was impressed to see such inspiration coming out from children!

re-used denims!
the first one by Athena ( and the second one by me!

photos by Muki

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

street fashion

The previous July i visited Netherlands.. but July (for me) was like November due to the bad rainy weather!
People's clothes -even tourists'- were mix 'n' match from tow different seasons' wardrobe..
t-shirts combined with wollies or hoodies and shorts with leather jackets..

This is one of the most interesting outfits i saw while i was meeting the 'hottest' hangouts in Utrecht.

She's a student, 20years old but i don't remember her name. :/
She told me that she loves vintage chic details and geeks trend but without going to the fashion extemes!
I loved her hair and of course these tights!

And after this adorable girl i met some guys!
The first one was praiseworthy because of this corduroy cap in mustard-beige colour and the purple t-shirt!
At least he admitted that he's a fashion freak!

And then i met two best-friends, fashion freaks too!
I loved the brown hat and his smile..! the afro hair style and the colour of his shirt! 

After all i was impressed by their willingness and kindness to let me take these pics!
Thank you guys!

photos by Muki

Sunday, September 19, 2010

D.I.Y pendant

Carrie Bradshaw may have been the pioneer of do-it-yourself jewellery
when she turned the engagement ring (from Aidan) into a pendant..
but yes! we can do it too but in a different way!

after fumbling for a while my jewel-box i decided to enrich one of my pendants
by using a bracelet!
the only thing i had to do..
was to get the bracelet through the chain and buckle it up!

photos by Muki

if you are more like minimalistic chic..
you can remove the main charm and
replace it just with the bracelet!
so the options are two.. choose yours!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Getting a present from a beloved person is always touching..
but getting a present from a beloved person
and a beloved brand is so great..!

My present was a little pink purse from Lollipops Paris..!!!
with flowers on it and a metal wristlet with leather details!

photos by Muki

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September's here

It's official! The summer is over and the fall is already here! It's the 1st of September and the weather seems different..a bit colder than yestarday! But don't worry my friends..summer in Greece means unbearable heat till the end of October.. ;p
The first fall post is about my last summer experience!
A night out at Key bar!
I picked out of the closet my favourite summer outfit.. It was a way to say goodbye to the sun-drenched unconcerned August!
a beige-with light blue tiny flowers-jumpsuit..!

city lights
wish i had a better camera ;p
tequila shot w/ orange ;p


Apart from the feminine stuff i decided to include some 'masculine' photos! It's an imperative need as long as men want to look the same stylish as girls do!
Personally i think they do it well..they succeed in being fashionable without exaggerations or extravagant items!
These shoes..Oh! i fell in love with these shoes! Maybe it's time i order my own pair of 'Dunks' from the internet..!


*thx Chris for these photos!

photos by Muki