Monday, November 1, 2010

schoolwave bands live

my Saturday night out at Technopolis Gkazi
As i'm always late, i had the chance to see only three bands of the lineup.
But yes! i was that lucky that they were my favourite three!
Musica Ficta, Ska Bangies, Looming Titties

Musica Ficta
rock alternative band, influences Manos Xatzidakis,Nick Cave,Tori Amos and Radiohead
their great music and vocals sound like a rock fairytale to me

Ska Bangies
reggae punk band with dub and ska spirit, jamaican culture lovers also
songs with contemporary lyrics and dancin' music

Looming Titties
pop punk band, Blink182 supporters
adorable guys, i just dance to their music and do headbanging

the portairt
Romanos, the frontman from Strifler's Mom
such an amazing hipster guy

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