Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September's here

It's official! The summer is over and the fall is already here! It's the 1st of September and the weather seems different..a bit colder than yestarday! But don't worry my friends..summer in Greece means unbearable heat till the end of October.. ;p
The first fall post is about my last summer experience!
A night out at Key bar!
I picked out of the closet my favourite summer outfit.. It was a way to say goodbye to the sun-drenched unconcerned August!
a beige-with light blue tiny flowers-jumpsuit..!

city lights
wish i had a better camera ;p
tequila shot w/ orange ;p


Apart from the feminine stuff i decided to include some 'masculine' photos! It's an imperative need as long as men want to look the same stylish as girls do!
Personally i think they do it well..they succeed in being fashionable without exaggerations or extravagant items!
These shoes..Oh! i fell in love with these shoes! Maybe it's time i order my own pair of 'Dunks' from the internet..!


*thx Chris for these photos!

photos by Muki

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  1. Ena exw na pw... Erxetai o Septemvris na mas xalasei to maurisma!!!!! :P
    Krima, giati exeis maurisei polu an diakrinw kala apo ti photo!... :) Kalo mina glukia mou! ^^


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