Monday, September 27, 2010

Green Design Festival

when 'ecology' meets fashion  i can't think nothing less than
the Swap Not Shop and Chic & Ethic Lab team...
ladies who share the same passion for fashion and have found a couple of ways to recycle our wardrobes creatively!
and that's what took place at Syntagma square yesterday!
they shew us how to remake the clothes we are not wearing anymore and how to reuse pieces that seem useless!

i was impressed to see such inspiration coming out from children!

re-used denims!
the first one by Athena ( and the second one by me!

photos by Muki


  1. μακαρι ν γινονται πιο πολλα ιβεντσ σαν αυτο!
    και πραγματικα τα πιτσιρικια φαινονται να το χαιρονται πολυ!!!
    γουελ νταν για τ ποστ μουκι μου! :)

  2. makari na ma8ainame na pswnizame k na xrhsimopoiousame swsta ta rouxa mas! ;p
    thx! ^^ ;D

  3. Pote egine auto kale?! Krima, den pira tipota xampari... :(


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