Sunday, August 29, 2010

after sun (2)

Visiting my grandmother's house in the countryside means undoubtedly the end of my summer.. I'm used to spending there a couple of days before i come back to Athens..
As a child staying with my grandma was..more than boring...


It's always boring actually but exploring the house and especially..her wardrobe (!) seems to be a surprising process during a hot afternoon..
These are my findings..
(photos by Muki)

a piece of floral fabric bought in Barcelona
nobody remembers when or why..!
a necklace with semi-precious stones
i suppose a present from my grandfather to my grandmother!
a pair of earrings with semi-precious green stones
and black silver

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  1. auta einai eurimata!kala pou upraxoun giagiades mamades me tetoious thusaurous....


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