Tuesday, September 21, 2010

street fashion

The previous July i visited Netherlands.. but July (for me) was like November due to the bad rainy weather!
People's clothes -even tourists'- were mix 'n' match from tow different seasons' wardrobe..
t-shirts combined with wollies or hoodies and shorts with leather jackets..

This is one of the most interesting outfits i saw while i was meeting the 'hottest' hangouts in Utrecht.

She's a student, 20years old but i don't remember her name. :/
She told me that she loves vintage chic details and geeks trend but without going to the fashion extemes!
I loved her hair and of course these tights!

And after this adorable girl i met some guys!
The first one was praiseworthy because of this corduroy cap in mustard-beige colour and the purple t-shirt!
At least he admitted that he's a fashion freak!

And then i met two best-friends, fashion freaks too!
I loved the brown hat and his smile..! the afro hair style and the colour of his shirt! 

After all i was impressed by their willingness and kindness to let me take these pics!
Thank you guys!

photos by Muki


  1. latrevo to kalson sto head sou! super!

    ke to style tis protis kopelas...telio...

  2. μα τι τελεια φουστα π φοραει και τα παπουτσια πανεμορφαα!!!

  3. Ta papoutsia teleia, latreuo ton teraastio fiogo!
    Episis latreuo to kalson apo to header sou!Gnorizeis poias etairias einai? :)


  4. ontws to style ths einai toso omorfo!

    @Rai: einai foto (by Rianna Cox) opote den kserw an kukloforei sthn agora! makari pantws na to lansarei kapoia etairia! ;)

  5. e to kalson ta spaei
    exw diafora pardala kalson alla pote dn ta exw foresei giati nomizw oti einai tooooooo much gia thn hlikia mou!!ti na pw!

  6. einai ontws too much! an k den nomizw oti einai real!
    btw h hlikia s den exei tpt! asthn hsuxh! ;p

  7. ta papoutsia ths kopelias einai yperoxaa!!! ta exw erwteytei!!

  8. Κοριτσάκι, πέρνα κι από το blog μου, υπάρχει ένα βραβείο για σένα! :)

  9. Λάθος! 2 βραβεία!!! :P


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