Tuesday, June 15, 2010


When i was a little girl, i was used to saying that blond hair is yellow hair!
Yellow was one of my favourite colours! I was painting suns and lots of daizies and other yellow flowers!
Now it's not my favourite one but i enjoy to show it off on my daily outfits.
Yellow details can make my day and my mood too! And especially this new *old-fashioned vintage pair of earrings!!!

photos by Muki


  1. ..how cute!actually when i was a little girl i thought that when a drawing didn't have this colour , didn't deserve to be looked at...on the other hand psychologists claim that yellow as a colour attracts basically the psycho ones...as Beatles say:"we all live in a yellow submarine"..i'm sure they know better...

  2. well..i am a case of psychopathic condition without any treatment! maybe so do you! hihi!
    luv Beatles!

    thx kataifii!


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