Saturday, June 19, 2010

Velvet Prize 2010

..was held at Six D.o.g.s.
not many people but interesting ones. post rock,punk,retro guyz.
-i won't use the definition 'alternative', i'm rid of it-

The first show was by Baby Guru ,one of the contestant bands.
Electronica -magical- and a bit of punk sound!
Headbanging and hard dancing!
From now on they are classified as one of the best live shows of music production i've ever seen!
Highlight..? Undoubtedly, when the played their new song 'Marilu' -so summery, i love it-
and their last psychedelic minutes on stage with John's saxophone improvisation!

And after Baby Guru.. the Berlin Brides
just a 'feminine business'!
Beloved, uplifting pop punk and electro sound!
The crowd was enthousiastic, vivid and warm. They were dancing and singing and clapping rhythmically their hands.
On stage Zisis and Manolis escorted gently the two ladies.
Highlight..? Nothing i can seperate but their girlie mood and lyrics. Two amazing women on stage deranged their fans!

photos by Muki


  1. Τι καλαααά!!Και ήθελα να μάθω για το live πως πήγε!!!
    Well done!...
    θα'θελα να μαι κ εγώ εκεί..:(

  2. πήγε πολύ πολύ καλάαα!!! αν και στο τέλος υπήρξε ένα θέμα με το ρεύμα!


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