Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kosmos Festival

Ojos De Brujo + Shantel
“Mestizo..hip hop flamenkillo” from Barcelona, which means hip hop with a little flamenco.... and balkan music with electronic beats from Germany excited the athenians and made them dance strongly yesterday at Vrahon Theater!
Unfortunately, we didn’t catch up with the whole Shantel’s performance.We enjoyed only his song ‘Disco Partizani’ as the finale of the show and of course his huuuge smile as a goodbye to Athens.
Marina from Ojos de Brujo managed to fill the stage and have all the eyes on her! An amazing voice,an extraordinary polka dots red long skirt and the movements of her body made the difference.She was absolutely impressive.The sexiest woman i’ve ever seen on stage..!!! All the members are talented and passionate..Spanish spirit!During their performance we had the chance to watch live flamenco dancing and some (funny) beatboxing.
*it was so wonderful! just looking for the next Kosmos Fest with a cheaper ticket though!
**sorry for the bad quality of the photos!


  1. isoun kesi eki?

    ououou...dn itan omorfa? o shantel itan apla parania...telios tipos...

  2. hmoun k egw ekei..! alla 8eouli-shantel prolava mono sto telos! :/
    auta pa8aineis otan den exeis eisithrio..!;p


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