Saturday, December 18, 2010


i think kitsch dresses and overloaded outfits are a usual and unavoidable mistake in special days like Christmas or birthday parties!
spangles, glitter, strass and metal details..all together..yiacks!
Just make us look like the christmas tree or at least without any sense of style!

Anyway, i want to stand up and proudly declare my love to kitschy dazzling and stunning shoes though..! 
They are always enlisted to my favourites as i find them interesting, impressive.. and yes! i find them more than attractive and dangerously fabulous!

Make Way Heel from Modcloth

Words Can't Express Heel In Red from Modcloth

So are you going to try a new more extravagant footwear
or you'll stay loyal to your black high heels?
For me it's tiresome and too safe to walk again on the classics black high heels!

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  1. I love shoes! I could wear nearly everything! And I mean it! Only thing that I can't afford it!Ha ha!


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