Wednesday, August 25, 2010

after sun

Leuki beach Elafonisos

The first days after holidays seem really hard..too hot to study or work..too 'depressing' to start making plans for the winter..
Going over city's view from the blue-sea-and-sky scene is difficult..but it needs to be done as soon as possible!
Luckily i took lots of pictures during my holidays..!
(photos by Muki)

green-blue sea
and sand of Simos beach Elafonisos

7 girlz summer-partying!
*No Cars..!


  1. baby i'm so happy you had great time!!! hard to be back, indeed.. but so good to be back ;-)

  2. thx hun! hope you had a great summer too! see you around! ;D

  3. Maraki mou, to omorfes pics! ^^ Ma kala, oloi elafonhso pigan fetos?! :P Welcome back hon'! ^^

  4. kosmos k kosmakis..!;p thx kouklitsa m!;)


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