Thursday, July 8, 2010


in the middle of the week..  going for a walk dowtown seems to be the best choice.. just carrying out my need to escape from the every-day's reality..
As i was walking down the Ifestou street at Monastiraki i saw this young lady..
short hair, a blue-jean skirt, a striped red white shirt and her bicycle of course..
i couldn't have lost the chance to take a picture of her secretly!

This image is like reeling off a story of the old glorious times of Athens and its people.

After meeting my friends we wandered to Thisio and then to Monastiraki again..
till we leaded up to a lovely bazaar with second-hand and vintage items..
jewellery, sunglasses, watches, decoration items, clothes and more..

We digged up lots of precious stuff and we refreshed happily our accessories wardrobe and style!

Fenia Eleni Me

photos by Muki


  1. wow!! wonderful pics love!!! bravo! kiss kiss

  2. voltes sto yousouroum ke tin amerikaniki agora.....poli kalokeri!

  3. I adore all these teeny(!) tiny treasures that we bought!

  4. @freudsketos: muf-feniaa me too! u and ur discovery..the best! haha!

    @kataifi: apalinei ton pono mexri na fugoume diakopes!


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