Monday, July 12, 2010

before summer begins

summer hasn't begun yet for me..oh yesh! it's 12 of July and i have been by the sea only once!
finally it begins with my holidays!!!
And that's tomorrow.. i'm flying to Netherlands.. so i can feel like summer! but what kind of summer will i experience to the north..? I don't really care! Having fun and being far away from the ordinary means summer to me!

me wearing leather sandals from Monastiraki
and Korai square Saturday evening.. empty!



photos by Muki


  1. aaa exw ta idia sandaliaa ^^
    kala n peraseiss :D

  2. dn nomizo oti to kalokeri ine mono to klasiko "eliniko nisi...xamos stin mikono" kalokeri ine gia na xalarosis ke na min niazese gia ta ka8imerina....ti simasia exi an to kalokeri 8a to perasis stin Olandia an perasis telia eki??!!

  3. @kataifi: mou eleipse o hlios sthn ollandia..alla ksanaphgaina..! kalo upoloipo kalokairiii girl!

    @augustalolita: thx!:)


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