Sunday, October 10, 2010

weekend's trip

i was off to Patra for a day and a half on Saturday and Sunday.
i just wanted to meet and spend some hours with my best friend Alex and then
behave a little silly and always..!
i've known him for almost all my life -18 years- so every minute with him can be hilarious!
walking around city's streets can be rather interesting even when it rains..
we were in the divine mood.. we were laughing without preceding alcohol and accomplishing the motto:
'our youth is (not) to be wasted'



photos by Muki


  1. Aleeeeeeex!!!!! xixixi!!! Does he know that he has been taken in this picture?! :p
    I've missed you both guys, in fact I've missed the little time we spent last February all together in my beloved Patra... Hope I'll meet you there sometime!

  2. i'm not sure he realised it!;p
    miss you too sweetie!


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