Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunday Meet Market

It was like my duty to visit the Meet Market as i had lost the previous one.
The biggest market in Athens.
Handmade treasures, jewellery, accessories, clothes, cosmetics, cds and lots of different goods for men and women of course..!

I wandered into this shopping paradise and these are the romantic beauties i noticed..

                                                    -handbags by 'γλυκό του κουταλιού'-

Then i stopped to say hello to two beloved designers and really modern cute faces Alexia and Di Depux..

Alexia is the owner and head designer of "Histeria Asteria".
She's a beautiful woman with a sharp sense of fashion and new trends.
Here's a sample of her collection..
**more pieces are coming soon!

                                                         -the jumpsuit i fell in love with-

                                                         -dress wooden geometric detail-

And the second super girlie designer Di Depux
with her design statements for funky and glamorous personas.
A shiny fairy-tale made of plexiglass and gold-dust!

*and my purchase, i couldn't resist to this pink flash shaped pin

all photos by Muki

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