Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 resolutions..such a boring title haa?

i was contemplating that the end of the world was near but also a new 12month period is sneaking up.
Mayas proved wrong,we survived and in less than two days we party the new year's eve.
hopefully this happy spirit sanitized my impure karma.
whilst i was recalling all the 2012 experiences i felt my resolutions for this year would be fewer as i did many things of my before-30-to do list.
living in Germany as an Erasmus student conquers fairly the first place.
the second one belongs to the Underground Youth and their greek tour. my top3 ends with the homeless period i went through, it is fixed somehow now thanks to close and forever friends.
let's not wish as usual. let's be spontaneous.

photos by Muki and friends, belong to the blog anyway

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  1. I hope you will get to do all that is on your lists, I never make lists, they scare me :).
    Happy Holidays and a Perfect New Year!


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